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Nerds DownUnder Townsville provides a range of computer services, including repairs, virus removal, software installation and data recovery.

If you’re in the Townsville area, we can come to you to get your computer problems sorted out.

Our mobile service is available seven days a week.

Are you having problems connecting to the internet? Perhaps your email service is unreliable. Printer not playing ball? Worried about a computer virus?

Perhaps your computer is refusing to start up? Or are you locked out because of a password error?

Has the unthinkable happened? Is your hard drive, along with all the contents – your emails, your work, your photos, your music – now playing hard to get?

Stay calm. Call Nerds DownUnder Townsville. There’s a good chance your data can be rescued. If anyone can do it, we can.

We have the kind of experience other nerds dream about. For years, a test engineer for IBM, it’s been a lifelong devotion to ones and zeroes, to glowing objects of plastic and metal.

We can solve your computer problems, then help you put in place some procedures that will safely and securely back up all your important data. At the same time, we can advise you on the best strategies to avoid viruses.

Spend your next 10 seconds adding Nerds DownUnder Townsville to your phone contacts.

Our Services
Computer repairs & troubleshooting, Data recovery, Networking, Installation, Maintenance, Backups

Our Specialties
Mobile service comes to you

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Townsville Region