Townsville Army Museum of North Queensland

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Townsville Army Museum of North Queensland


Visit this treasure trove of military history in Townsville. It’s a lot bigger than what you see from the road. The museum showcases military history worldwide, and there are a range of ever-changing exhibits to check out.

Townsville has been a major centre for Australian Army training for many years as such it’s an integral part of the cities cultural make up.

The volunteers that help to run the museum are fantastic, passionate historians that love telling tales and regaling stories of Townsville’s rich military history - see exhibits on the Boer War, Vietnam, Korea, World War I and World War II as well as many other conflicts where Australians have been called upon to serve.

Completing the displays are many relics and film footage of many theatres of war.

Kids will love the interactive stuff which can keep younger ones interested but the experience is enthralling and educational and kids aged 5 years and up will enjoy themselves. They even get to ride on a tank if they’re lucky.

This museum is both a great tribute and a fantastic attraction - a must-see in Townsville.