Townsville attraction - Swimming and fun at the Riverway Lagoon

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Townsville attraction - Swimming and fun at the Riverway Lagoon


The Riverway Lagoons in Townsville are a fantastic attraction nestled amongst shady Raintrees along the picturesque Ross River.

The well established and beautiful raintrees along with the overhanging shade structures create a beautiful and secluded environment for swimming and play.

There are many things to do at the Riverway Lagoons, the pools themselves cover an area in size of more than three Olympic swimming pools and vary in depth up to 2m deep. The upper lagoon is designed for more formal uses and lane swimmers, the disabled and elderly will love the specific upgrades designed for their use.

The lower lagoon is a more relaxed area ideal for the kids to build sand castles, play in the shallow water and splash about to the heart's content while the family lounges on timber decks in the shade.

Bring some old bread and head down to the river’s edge to feed the ducks.

It’s one of the best places in Townsville to cool off from the daytime heat. Enjoy a family BBQ on the large grassy park areas or check out some of the local sport of a weekend afternoon at the adjacent sporting fields and stadium area.

You can check out what local artists have been up to at the gallery or sit down and enjoy a coffee and light meal at the cafe.

All in all it’s a great day out - and the best part? It’s free!


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Image 1: By Leonhard Fortier - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Video: By Youtube user TheChurchie76 - Own work. Embedded from a publicly viewable youtube page.