Townsville attraction - Townsville National Trust Heritage Centre

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Townsville attraction - Townsville National Trust Heritage Centre


The National Trust Heritage Centre in Townsville is a great insight into historical North Queensland.

Get a guided tour from a passionate and experienced local who will take you on an informative tour through ‘Currajong’, its history and it’s owners. It’s that, that sets the experience apart, you get a much clearer understanding.

A whole lot of love and hard work has been invested in relocating and recreating the wonderful 19th-century building, which is actually a collection of three buildings that have been transported to the site.

See the life of early Townsville through the eyes of a middle-class family and a poorer mining family.

There’s also the beautiful old Mary’s Church a short walk to the north of Castling Street, with it to grab a couple of photos.

You can get there by public transport, it’s located on 5 Castling Street in West End, Townsville.

For history buffs, the Heritage Centre is a must-see, but it’s a great insight into the world of early Townsville and the life of those living at that time.